Christian Meditation – Something Old or Something New? (12/10/12)

While reading the Weekly Teachings I was struck by what Father Laurence had written at the end of one of his teachings, “When I first came to teach Christian meditation here in Australia a Christian aborigine came up to me after the talk. He said “you are speaking about this 2000 year old tradition of prayer in the church. My people have been practicing it for 40,000. I asked him what meditation meant to him then as a Christian and an aborigine. His reply moved me strongly. He said “my people have learned how to sit in a non-questioning silence, to listen. As a Christian, I understand that what we have been listening to all these millenia is the Word of God sounding at the heart of creation.”

Christian Meditation isn’t something new, people have been in silence meditating for tens of thousands of years.  The titles for this silence have changed over the years but as the Aborigine man stated so eloquently the silence is non-questioning and what they were listening to was the Word of God!

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