Evil, it’s not Over There, It’s Here 1/12/13

This is the last week of the audio “The Way of Peace.” To hear this 20 minute clip, click here. We often look at the rest of the world as a violent place and until recently, we didn’t quite picture ourselves in that same arena. Richard Rohr talks about killing evil with evil. If you have wronged me, then you I can then feel entitled to wrong you back.  How did this all start?  It sounds like children in a schoolyard fighting over their rights. The need to judge others almost seems instinctive and if we are to live a more contemplative way of life than we need to see when we are opposing or judging so that we might look better. Offer this up through prayer and meditation.  And as Rohr so often states, “just let it be.” This of course if a very global issue and also an intimate, personal issue.

As we think about the mystery of peace, the knowing beyond knowing, what resources or practices have you used to become more contemplative in your life? I’d be happy to list resources on this blog so that we can become more collaborative supportive of each other.

“There is no way to peace, peace is the way,” Richard Rohr.

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