Week of February 3rd


First of all this week’s reading by Father Laurence covers the five essential aspects of the spiritual life.  One of the aspects addressed is “small acts of kindness.” Through a simple smile we turn ourselves to others and away from ourselves and this moment can be transforming for both us and others.  I think about how often we give smiles as a trite gesture, out of sheer politeness.  What if we thought about it as a transforming moment that truly turned the attention away from ourselves and into a loving moment sharing God’s grace with others?

To think like this takes a lot of training on our part.  Richard Rohr addresses in “A Lever and  a Place to Stand,” living in the now, we fight that with our mind as we are always thinking about what has happened in our lives along with what is in our future or what we think might be ahead. So both Rohr and Freeman this week take on two heavy topics.  How do you live in the now?  Do you meditate and does that help to keep you focused on now and not illusions that we portray in our minds?  I’ll finish up this week with a thought from Richard Rohr, ” the knowing that we don’t know, it’s the freedom of not knowing and that’s it’s ok – it’s called faith.”

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