Is the Crowd Always Wrong?

Huge crowd

This week’s audio, A Lever and a Place to Stand by Richard Rohr address striving for a personal identity versus a collected one.  This notion of a collected identity comes from our ego and the groups that we belong to; our religious affiliation, our profession, our country, political preference….. we all have our groups, so is this all bad?  I think what Rohr is pointing out is that there are times where it’s very comfortable to hide behind the shadow of our titles our groups, the crowd.  When this happens, our ego takes over and gives us power.  My church, my group (fill in the blank) is always right about…. or maybe we don’t even say that, we just don’t think much about it and we just collectively agree.

The downside is we forget to take on a personal identity through contemplation and meditation as we are so busy defending forms, cliches, dogmas…our loyalty systems.  “My need to judge was a desire to control,” stated Richard Rohr.  Putting others down is a way to put ourselves up.  This happens until we find our true-self our personal identity.  Meditation grounds you in a wholeness.

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1 Response to Is the Crowd Always Wrong?

  1. Vicki Ann says:

    Wonderful! You have helped me think on these things, & ‘see.’ Thank you. God Bless!!!

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