A New Beginning


“Fullness in a person cannot permit love because there are no openings, no handles, no give-and-take, and no deep hunger. It is like trying to attach two inflated balloons to one another. Human vulnerability gives the soul an immense head start on its travels—maybe the only start for any true spiritual journey. Thus the Risen Christ starts us off by revealing the human wounds of God, God’s total solidarity with human suffering. He starts with self-disclosure from the divine side, which ideally leads to self-disclosure from our side.” – Richard Rohr in Immortal Diamond

I’m just finishing the book Immortal Diamond by Richard Rohr and this quote resonated something in me especially as we embrace our new beginning, Easter.  The part the continues to swim in my mind is that God starts self-disclosure from the divine side, and then moves into self-disclosure from our side.  As we commit to being more contemplative, seeing God through self-disclosure from our side happens even in the smallest most minute ways.  This is the most wonderful news and as we increase our awareness we can feel ourselves being closer and closer to God, but it also can be frightening in the sense that when I have no more patience left, feel irritated or overly tired, there is still self-disclosure from our side.  Easter is a time of new beginning and God is all loving and all forgiving – it is time to rejoice.

As I run across resources that I have found valuable, I will pass them along to you.  One that is worthwhile is called Daily Prayer Online.   There is a reflection on a daily Gospel reading, Thought for Today, and a Quiet Space.  This quiet space gives little snippets entitled, Presence of God, Freedom, Consciousness and The Word. Beautifully presented and gives you a few moments of contemplation and prayer as we go through the business of our lives.


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  1. loretta foley says:

    Thanks for your inspired words

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