Are We Facing the Sun?


This week’s audio is from Father Laurence Freeman’s CD entitled Practical Wisdom.  To hear a 22 minute clip, click here. As I had mentioned a couple week’s ago, I had the privilege of going on a week-long silent retreat where we focused on silence, nature and meditation. Sounds like a perfect week doesn’t it? Well Freeman’s words this week resonated as I am constantly working at finding a balance between “doing” and meditation. The doing is often times running in what Freeman refers to as “meaningless circles.”  This can be justified in our minds as accomplishing a lot each, hour, day and/or week.  Running the kids around, meeting with friends, making/keeping appointments and let’s not forget those of us who work outside the home – balancing jobs/home/spiritual life.  Quite honestly, being on the retreat made all of that pretty easy – okay, I didn’t have to work that week and I was away from home.  Reality has set back in, and the balance is wobbling again.  Freeman used a metaphor, the sun as our energy source and like solar panels when they are not in use, just sit there, looking rather dull but the second they are turned on, the panels automatically slightly adjust the angle to face the sun with a blinding light.  We in our own meditation practice, whether a beginner or not, are constantly adjusting so we can face God.  Putting all thoughts away, focusing on only our mantra can we allow this to happen. How do you make those adjustments to face the sun?

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1 Response to Are We Facing the Sun?

  1. stacegens says:

    The biggest adjustment I make to face the sun is to extend more loving kindness to myself and to watch my thoughts. When the “should haves” and the “not good enoughs” show up, I bring awareness to them and I gently breathe them away. When I extend loving kindness towards myself in the midst of the day…. working, parenting, grocery shopping, dealing with difficult people, etc…I am fully present and filled with “son/sun-light.”

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