Silence in the Desert III

Silence in the Desert III
This was an article submitted by Karen Pedigo to the WCCM newsletter.
For the past 3 years, a small group of Christian Meditators
from Tucson and other parts of the United States have been
packing up cars and vans and heading south to the abbey in
the Santa Rita mountains. The abbey has only 7 rooms and
a small chapel, but there are spectacular views here of the
high desert. This past March, my husband, Tim, and I had
the privilege of attending this retreat, led by experienced
hiker and meditator, Frank Price. We went on three lengthy
hikes over the five day silent retreat. We meditated morn-
ing, afternoon and evening. The combination of these ac-
tivities, the teachings, and the fellowship of meditators cre-
ated a unique experience and deepened my meditation, my
hiking experience, and my relationship with all of God’s
At 9000 ft. in the Chiricahua Mountains, I remember feel-
ing very still, even though I was moving. There was a pro-
found interior silence, even though there were sounds of
nature all around me – the wind whistling in the mountain
tops, the sound of hiking boots on rocks, and whispers of
hikers also on the path with us that day.
I found new insights about my place in the world, and what
it meant to be uniquely human in the midst of other aspects
of Creation. In stillness, silence and simplicity I could feel
deep interconnectedness with the sun, wind, water, animals.
I could feel powerful and insignificant at the same time. It
was deeply moving, and I am truly grateful to have journeyed
with my fellow meditators, each a gift to the group.
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1 Response to Silence in the Desert III

  1. Sales Dept says:

    Thank for sharing your deeply personal experience. May further peace and deeper joy
    be on your path ahead.

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