Meditation and Running?


I’m sure that all of use have our own unique stories as to why we came to the understanding that meditation is imperative to our daily lives.  Looking back, I came to this place in a rather unusual way.  Raising 4 children, working full-time and even with a supportive husband, having 2 of the children labeled special needs often stretched our patience level to where we felt like we were ready to break.  The stress was catching up with me, I was having stomach problems, I looked and felt stressed all the time.  About that same time, a friend asked if I would consider joining her in a 5K run that was supporting women who had breast cancer.  Yep, that’s all I needed was to add running to my schedule.  It really was exactly what I needed!  Not being even anything close to athletic, I purchased a pair of running shoes and tried it.  One foot in front of the other. Okay I made it only a couple of blocks but that’s how we all start – right?  What does this have to do with meditation?  I’m getting there – so once I make up my mind to do something, it gets done (just slightly stubborn).  As I made running a routine (after my kids would go to bed), I started chanting to myself, “let it go, let it go,” to the beat that my feet were making as they hit the cement.  That was my way of releasing all the tensions brought on my daily activities.  I was now feeling like a real “runner” so I subscribed to Runners World magazine and one month they had an article on how running is actually meditation for many people!  Hey! I was meditating and didn’t even know it.  All I knew is that my head was clear and I was ready to take on the world after I had completed a good run!

From that point on, I started to put a bit more effort into the idea of meditation and as I continue to meditate as I exercise, it is also a part of my day when my legs are perfectly still. What’s your story?

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1 Response to Meditation and Running?

  1. Molly says:

    Christian meditation has changed my life from chaotic & filled with anxiety to a more peaceful
    Focused mind . My choices in life become clearer & Spirit centered .
    Still, always beginning, staying disciplined in the twice a day practice .

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