The First Rule of St. Benedict


I am diverting a bit from last week and the discussion of contemplative photography.  This week in the Contemplative Life’s Weekly Newsletter we started a new audio series and Thomas Keating is the speaker.  He was invited to a John Main Seminar in San Fransico.  This first track is about the First Rule of St. Benedict and that is to listen.  How do we deeply and genuinely listen?  Our lives almost seem to encourage us to multi-task at every level, including listening!  Not that I’m trying to make excuses but when we listen, gently, it can open our hearts to a greater depth of prayer and silence which are so crucial in our lives.  So this week, happy listening and if you have time, listen to this week’s audio.  If you would like to start receiving the Contemplative Life Weekly Newsletter, please contact me in the comment section of this blog.

Have a great week.


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