Opaqueness to Transparency

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I ran across a blog this week that I think is worth mentioning.  It is called Axios Blog, Fully Human, Deeply Christlike and Fully Alive.

Rob Lord, Rector of  All Saints Episcopal Church, Winter Park, Florida.  On his blog, he has a tab marked Photography where there are beautiful photos that could be used for contemplative prayer.  As I am reading Photography as a Christian Contemplative Practice: Eyes of the Heart by Christine Valters Paintner, it seems like everywhere I look I see the deep, rich connection of photography and contemplative practices.

As Christine has suggested, I am only reading one chapter a week from this book which is an interesting way of moving through a book.  The majority of the time, I just plow through a book because I want to see how it ends or I’m enjoying it so that I pick up the speed.  Not too often do I remember savoring each page because I know this is all I can read in one week.  It also causes me to reread and reread the same messages over which allows different perspectives on the same words based on where you are at on any particular day.

The message that I sat with this week was the idea that Thomas Merton explains, “Contemplative life is a journey from opaqueness to transparency, from the place where things are dark, thick, impenetrable, and closed to the place where these same things are translucent, open, an offer a vision far beyond themselves.”  Christine explains this best, “We move from looking at the world to see what we can gain to gazing on the world to see what gifts we might receive. These are all essential aspects of the contemplative path and are cultivated by our shift in vision.”

A strong message to think about as we begin to “see” life a bit differently.

Have a great week.


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