Oh How I Love Silence!

Family Reunion

Okay, the past two weeks were anything but silent. Every year or so my family makes it a point to get together either at someone’s home or a completely new destination.  Last summer it was Yosemite and this summer it was at my house!  My parents live right next door (which kept our dog sane) and we rented a home from one of our neighbors (so everyone found something to sleep on) but all the festivities and action was right in the middle of our backyard.  Each family was in charge of one day including all food, games, activities…… so we had “a day in the park,” “winter wonderland,” “earth-day,” “baby shower day,” and of course our dog’s first birthday party! As you can see by the picture we are a very happy blessed family who cherish any time that we have together.

After the dust had settled, I had my house back again. One of the blogs that I follow is from John Philip Newell – Salva Terra.

This past week his silence prayer went like this:


Be still and aware of God’s presence within

and all around.

With all the chaos and hustle bustle of sons, daughters, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, moms and dads it was hard to find silence but even when all you could hear was the chatter and laughter of the people, it was still so apparent that God was present within and all around. For me it’s so much easier to become aware of this presence during times of silence so it’s a bit of a stretch for me to witness it during times of organized chaos. But now that we have grandchildren, to look at their faces, their smiles and squeals of laughter it’s hard not to see the presence of God if we just take the time to look.  This was an excellent reminder for me that I just need to look more to become aware of His presence – even in times when it’s not so quiet.

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