“I am content with just this.”


What matters is to be humble enough to admit – I am content with just this. Leave the rest to God!
-Thomas Merton

How to be perfectly content with our present moment, our now; is a challenge as we face so many of our daily demands.  It’s quotes like Merton’s words that become my reminder when my daily list of “musts” grows longer because I don’t allow myself to just be and leave the rest to God.  I must be more trusting and lose that control element that I so want to hold onto.  This week, be content with your present moment and leave the rest to God. Thank you Thomas Merton for the words we need to hear and follow.

What other quotes do you hang onto when life becomes a bit too frazzled and fast?



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2 Responses to “I am content with just this.”

  1. Olivia Rodriguez Notholt says:

    These words of wisdom are just what I needed! I am thankful!

  2. Ann says:

    “Cram today with Eternity and not with the next day” from Michael Mayne’s “Enduring Melody”

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